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Wednesday, 03 July 2013 11:51

Trade Winds Citrus Limited is now IS09001:2000 certified

Trade Winds Citrus Limited, manufacturers of Tru-Juice Premium Quality Juices, Wakefield Juices and Freshhh Fruit and Juice Drinks continues to make strides in the juice market. Due to their stringent manufacturing practices and state of the art equipment, they can proudly announce that they are ready to bring their Tru-Juice brand of juices to the world.

By succeeding in passing many rigorous tests in agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, safety demands and quality control, Trade Winds Citrus Limited has earned the right to join the elite group of companies who are now IS09001:2000 certified. Now they can further join the companies currently carrying Brand Jamaica to all who love premium quality products with flavours that are indigenous to Jamaican culture. 
ISO(International Organization for Standardization) is the source of the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 families of quality and environmental management standards and some 15,000 International Standards for business, government and society. ISO is a network of national standards institutes from 146 countries working in partnership with international organizations, governments, and industry, business and consumer representatives. 

For further details regarding ISO9001:2000 please see